The Top 5 (4) Tacos/Burritos

Pampano Taqueria

Pampano Taqueria

Tacos and burritos are some of the most versatile foods. People crave them for breakfast, lunch, dinner AND late night. Favorites stretch from Chicago to Texas to California and down to our hombres in Mexico. There are endless possibilities when it comes to the burraco (burrito/taco). Connoisseurs have their favorites and their opinions hold strong on this category.


Thank you all for your contributions. 

My Top 4 in no particular order:


Mansion on Turtle Creek:  Dallas, TX
     Lobster Taco- this thing is no joke. Dean “The Father of Southwestern Cuisine” Fearing put this on the map at the Mansion on Turtle Creek. He has since moved on to the Ritz-Carlton property in Dallas, but I have a funny feeling you can sample a masterfully made taco of some sort by Dean there, too. 

Judy’s PizzaDeerfield, IL
     Taco Pizza- A little exotic for some, but the nice blend of ground meat, cheese, tomatoes, scallions, lettuce and taco sauce, along with some other fixings is a unique combo. I will warn you… there are some haters out there, but this thing is special. Yes, the lettuce is put on AFTER it comes out of the oven.      
Taco Burrito ExpressChicago, IL
     Chorizo Burrito- Late night, lunchtime, mid-day snack… hey, mis primos would love to wrap one for you. One solid burrito. Do we all agree how it is wrapped is key?! This is a dive spot.
Mexicana Mama CentroNYC, NY
      Chicken Mole Burrito- Fresh, seasonal vegetable, black beans and a damn good mole sauce. They cut it like a sushi roll and you can dip it in their salsa of the day. You’re thinking you want dirty style Mexican which I dig too, but this is one flavorful burrito and you’ll be back for more- Guaranteed.


THE TOP 5’s:

1.)  Taco/Burrito/Etc:  Chicken Burrito sans Beans

Location:  Mexicana Mama

City:  NYC, NY

Testimonial:  when i eat this i think, wow; jesus really does love me.”


2. ) Taco/Burrito/Etc:  Designer Burrito

Location:  Kay n’ Daves

City:  Pacific Palisades, CA

Testimonial:  Their mantra is healthy Mexican but it tastes like what your Mexican grandma would make at home.  The ingredients are super fresh and high quality (filet mignon is used for the beef dishes) and everything made to order.  The designer burrito is just that- designed exactly how you want it from an extensive list of ingredients- including some out of the box options.  Plus the burritos are enormous, come with homemade chips, salsa and guacamole and cost about $10.


3. ) Taco/Burrito/Etc:  Fish Taco

Location:  Flying Fish

City:  Half Moon Bay, CA

Testimonial:  “…u must include a fish taco…”


4. ) Taco/Burrito/Etc:  Tuna Burrito

Location:  Café Salsa

City:  La Grange, IL

Testimonial:  Of course it’d be Chicago where I’ve had the Best steak Quesadilla and Tuna Burritos!” 


5.) Taco/Burrito/Etc:  Fish Taco

Location:  Wahoo’s Fish Taco

City:  Los Angeles, CA

Testimonial:  Remember a real taco from Mexico is not made with a hard shell, rather a small corn tortilla. But being the foodie you are, you probably already know that!”


6.) Taco/Burrito/Etc:  Burrito

Location:  Benitos Burritos

City:  Los Angeles, CA



7.) Taco/Burrito/Etc:  Tacos

Location:  El Coyote

City:  Los Angeles, CA



8.) Taco/Burrito/Etc:  Chicken Taco

Location:  El Carpitero

City:  Los Angeles, CA

Testimonial:  “…and of course any of the hole in the wall taco stands all throughout LA and Southern Cali. You know when mama, who just crossed the border, is in the kitchen she is cooking something fierce…”


9.) Taco/Burrito/Etc:  Cajun Chicken Burrito

Location:  Neato Burrito

City:  Harrisburg, PA

Testimonial:  they make mouth-watering burritos right in front of you with delicious, fresh ingredients.  The cajun chicken burrito and buffalo burritos are amazing!  It’s absolutely worth a trip to Pennsylvania just to experience one!”


10.) Taco/Burrito/Etc:  Fish Taco

Location:  Lime

City:  Miami, FL

Testimonial:  Another fantastic Mexican place…they’re light and fresh, simply outstanding- Also, and this is off the record please, I want to just say that I can never, ever turn down a chipotle burrito – even though they may be generic, I crave those big suckers!!”


11.) Taco/Burrito/Etc:  Puffy Taco

Location:  Henry’s Puffy Taco

City:  San Antonio, TX

Testimonial:  “he started out as a little taco stand… a puffy taco is like a soft taco mixed with a hard shell. the shell is soft and thin but puffed out. so the crunch is different because it’s like getting 2 layers of thin shell. they are typically made with beef and lettuce, tomato, cheese and hot sauce. you can of course get chicken, pork, beans etc.”


12.) Taco/Burrito/Etc:  Breakfast Taco

Location:  La Palmita

City:  San Antonio, TX

Testimonial:  some of the best breakfast tacos are chorizo/beans/cheese. any little taco place in San Antonio makes these. they are also good at 3am after a night of drinking. having a taco beats a slice of pizza, bagel or falafel any day.”


13.) Taco/Burrito/Etc:  Taco

Location:  A Taco Truck

City:  Williamsburg, Brooklyn

Testimonial:  always parked on bedford ave…tortillas are too small and the tacos are too wet. you should never have a soggy taco. they obv do not drain the lettuce first. and i don’t get the radish???!?!?! a radish does NOT belong in a taco- i personally don’t believe in the burrito because people out east confuse a burrito with tacos…let me explain the taco- it’s the simplest ingredients made in flour or corn tortillas. they should be regular size not those bite size small tortillas- a taco should be simple and easy. the meat, reg size tortilla and salsa. all this other fancy added stuff is not what a real taco is about.”


14.) Taco/Burrito/Etc:  Steak Tacos

Location:  Las Asadas

City:  Des Plaines,IL

Testimonial:  My favorite tacos- It looks like a little shack- steak tacos, with cilantro and onions and extra salsa verde, are the best north of North Avenue!  They’re juicy and tasty and the meat isn’t tough. They’re just right and just delicious. They have some locations in the city, but this is the only one I’ve been to (so far!)”


15.) Taco/Burrito/Etc:  Carne Asada Taco 

Location:  La Luna

City:  Napa Valley, CA

Testimonial:  seriously, i have everyone smoked on this one. i’m a cali girl and if you are mexican (which about 70% of napa valley is) than you get the goods from La Luna.  Not only do they have tacos, tecate, burritos and more.  They have porn, wedding dresses and lotto tickets to boot. A real class act. Anyway, these guys can cook and they make a mean (and cheap) taco AND burrito. Their specialty? carne asada of course.”


16.) Taco/Burrito/Etc:  Carne Asada Burrito

Location:  El Tonayense Taco Truck

City:  San Francisco, CA

Testimonial:  Don’t be surprised by the smaller girth of the burritos here compared to the many other taco trucks and taquerias in SF. They are stuffed with goodness and feature the best ratio and distribution of meat/beans/rice/condiments. Many places put too much rice in their burritos to make them appear massive. This “filler” just makes you fuller faster and mutes the flavor profile. El Tonayense puts less rice in, so you can experience their flavorful moist meats (carne asada and carnitas are my favorites) and stewed beans and actually finish a burrito feeling very full without a carb hangover.”


17.) Taco/Burrito/Etc:  Steak Taco

Location:  La Pasadita #1, 2 or 3

City:  Chicago, IL

Testimonial:  They don’t clutter up the sandwich with a bunch of bean, rice and/or lettuce. It only consists of a hot tortilla with chopped barbecued skirt steak. Additional/optional items are chopped cilantro, cheese (white, probably Chihuahua, salsa verde (green sauce, of course) and/or onion. When it is on… It is hot, juicy, flavorful and a big handful. Watch the sauce. It is hot and builds momentum. If you are a meat lover…Wow!”


18.) Taco/Burrito/Etc: Chipotle Chicken Enchilada

Location: San Loco

City: NYC, NY

Testimonial:  “This restaurant has two locations in NYC.  It’s tiny and cute, has yummy cheap drinks, and the food is great.  You can get like 5 tacos for $10.  Love that”


19.) Taco/Burrito/Etc:  Carne Asada Burrito

Location:  Taqueria Pancho

City:  San Francisco, CA

Testimonial:  The best taqueria is in San Francisco, CA…They have an amazing Carne asada burrito, but all of there dishes are the best! At the end of the bar is a selection of 8 – 10 Aqua Frescas, Pineapple, Watermelon, Strawberry, Cantaloupe, Lemon-Lime, etc.”


20.) Taco/Burrito/Etc:  Shrimp Tacos

Location:  La Flor Bakery and Café

City:  Woodside, NY 

Testimonial:  Follow the rumble of your stomach and 7 train overhead to this gem of a

restaurant in the heart of Woodside. Don’t leave without ordering the shrimp tacos – two soft and warm baby tortillas encase a savory blend of charred red pepper, citrus-marinated grilled shrimp, and milky crumbled queso blanco. Served alongside are a duet of dips – the first is a spicy red chili salsa, the second a mild avocado lime dressing. Dot your tacos with both, and enjoy with an ice cold soda”


21.) Taco/Burrito/Etc:  Burrito

Location:  Mexican Green Cactus Grill

City:  Long Island, NY

Testimonial:  multiple locations: i don’t like burritos, but for some reason i love them here.  food is always cooked fresh, NO microwaves or freezers. just an overall awesome experience.”


22.) Taco/Burrito/Etc:  Burrito

Location:  Papalote

City:  San Francisco, CA

Testimonial:  This burrito is a little “higher end” than your typical down-home taqueria burrito. While this does not necessarily make a burrito better, in this case Papalote is on the mark with fresh ingredients and innovative combos. My personal favorite is the Camarones (Shrimp) Super Burrito, swapping out the fresh guac (which is delicious in its own right, and should be ordered with chips) with fresh avocado. There is a choice of tortilla flavors – the tomato, spinach and whole wheat ones are toasted ever so slightly when they’re prepared so that they add a bit of texture to every bite.”


23.) Taco/Burrito/Etc:  Pork Tacos with Bacon and Pineapple

Location:  Frontera Grill

City:  Chicago, IL

Testimonial:  This is a staple on the menu at Frontera. People usually think you’re boring for ordering the tacos that are always on the menu when there are so many exciting specials that change daily. However, these tacos may be my favorite tacos ever. Again, it’s a good sweet/salty/bacony mix that never disappoints. One of the best flavor combos ever.”


24.) Taco/Burrito/Etc:  Carnnitas Super Burrito

Location:  Libby’s

City:  Philo, CA

Testimonial:  The only reason this made my list is because the carnitas in this burrito are exceptional. The meat is both crispy and tender at the same time.”


25.) Taco/Burrito/Etc:  Pollo Super Burrito

Location:  Taqueria Cancan

City:  San Francisco, CA

Testimonial:  The saucy (rather than grilled) chicken super burrito is my favorite in the mission. Great spicy salsas, lots of avocado and great shredded chicken. Very delicious.”


26.) Taco/Burrito/Etc:  Barbecue Shrimp Taco

Location:  Pacific Catch

City:  San Francisco, CA

Testimonial:  Spicy, big, grilled shrimp in a corn tortilla with an awesome salsa/cole slaw mix. Great combo of ingredients.”


27.) Taco/Burrito/Etc:  Huevos Montelenos

Location:  Frontera Grill

City:  Chicago, IL

Testimonial:  I know this is a stretch, but there is a flat, crunchy taco shell involved so it’s sort of a taco. So this is black beans, hard taco shell on top of that, two fried eggs topped with little pieces of ham, peas, queso blanco and all of that topped with this delicious red sauce. Oh by the way, they serve this with caramelized plantains on the side. Again, the sweet plantains and the salty everything else is so awesome together. One of my favorite breakfasts ever.”


28.) Taco/Burrito/Etc:  Pork Tacos 

Location:  Frontera Grill

City:  Chicago, IL

Testimonial:  They give you two different types of pork (3 if you count the porky beans on the side).  One is crispier than the other.  Both are equally delicious.”


29.) Taco/Burrito/Etc:  Steak Burrito

Location:  El Famous Burrito

City:  Wheeling, IL



30.) Taco/Burrito/Etc:  Steak and Barbacoa Tacos

Location:  La Pasadita

City:  Chicago, IL

Testimonial:  La Pasadita has 3 locations- All 3 are within 100 feet from each other- Why are there 3?  Nobody knows.  However, everybody should know about their steak and barbacoa tacos (cilantro and onions only is a must).  Simply dive taco perfection.”


31.) Taco/Burrito/Etc:  Steak Taco

Location:  Taco Burrito Express

City:  Chicago, IL

Testimonial:  This double wrapped corn goodness will warm your soul.  The steak will be confused with filet mignon, and this over stuffed taco really hits the spot.”


32.) Taco/Burrito/Etc:  Fish Taco

Location:  Primo’s

City:  Dallas, TX

Testimonial:  this trendy place serves up a nice taco from the sea.”


33.) Taco/Burrito/Etc:  Barbacoa or Carnitas Burrito

Location:  Chipotle

City:  (multiple locations)

Testimonial:  Barbacoa (shredded beef) or Carnitas (shredded pork) burrito- Also get a side of chips and guac – the guac is amazing. These things are huge and delicious. All the ingredients are fresh and they use naturally raised animals. The chips served with the guac have lime salt on them that are delicious even without the guac!


34.) Taco/Burrito/Etc:  Shrimp or Fish Tacos

Location:  Lime

City:  Miami Beach, FL

Testimonial:  The shrimp or fish tacos are always good, but my favourite is probably the Tijuana taco which is essentially the double decker taco from Taco Bell but with real ingredients.”


35.) Taco/Burrito/Etc:  Breakfast Burrito

Location:  Lupita’s Mexican Cafe

City:  San Antonio, TX

Testimonial:  The breakfast burrito is amazing, they have 4 foot Mexican ladies in the back hand making the tortillas and it has eggs, potatoes, cheese, bacon, and sausage.”


36.) Taco/Burrito/Etc:  Barbacoa Taco

Location:  Urban Taco

City:  Dallas, TX

Testimonial:  I’m a big fan of the barbacoa taco (braised beef) but they have a vegetarian Potato, Zucchini, and Poblano taco with queso fresco that is also nice.”


37.) Taco/Burrito/Etc:  Fried Fish Taco

Location:  Tin Lizzie’s

City:  Atlanta, GA

Testimonial:  Fried fish (tilapia) taco served with a poblano tartar sauce…”


38.) Taco/Burrito/Etc:  Tacos

Location:  (unknown)

City:  Cancun, Mexico

Testimonial:  I have no idea what this place is called but it was always busy and its right near the main strip and I have seen it in passing on tv shows that go down there. I don’t even know what kind of tacos they have but I remember going there wasted all the time on my high school senior trip and the food seemed amazing. If anyone knows what I am talking about let Kaplan know the name of the place and if it was actually any good.”


39.) Taco/Burrito/Etc:  Breakfast Burrito

Location:  Beto’s

City:  Tucson, AZ

Testimonial:  Hands down winner for best burrito: It’s gone through so many name changes in the past 10 years that even Google doesn’t know it exists.  The name has changed, the food hasn’t.  Don’t confuse it with the Los Beto’s chain in town.  It’s open 24/7 and it is dirttttay… con queso, huevos, frijoles y papas- Best. Burrito. Ever.”


40.) Taco/Burrito/Etc:  Chicken Burrito no Cheese

Location:  Mexicana Mama

City:  NYC, NY

Testimonial:  chicken is cooked perfectly, and when it’s combined with the corn, squash, potatoes and beans it’s amazing. Not only that – the way it is served is perfect – all cut up into bite size pieces – makes it easy and delicious”


41.) Taco/Burrito/Etc:  Chicken Burrito

Location:  Poquito Mas

City:  Los Angeles, CA

Testimonial:  for a less fancy version but AMAZING… There’s just something about it…The way they almost grill the fresh flour tortillas before serving them is the perfect touch. They are always hot and a little browned on the outside. Then they have a great salsa bar to top it all off. mmmm i want one NOW!”


42.) Taco/Burrito/Etc:  Guaco Loco

Location:  San Loco

City:  NYC, NY

Testimonial:  I’ve never found a finer drunk food than the Guaco Loco. A hard taco wrapped in a soft taco, with guacamole holding the two together. Chicken, Pork or Fish. Plus they sell beer. Plus it’s cheap. Go drunk and happy, leave even drunker and even happier.”


43.) Taco/Burrito/Etc:  Cilantro and Onion Steak Taco

Location:  Las Pasadita (3 locations)

City:  Chicago, IL

Testimonial:  If you’ve never been, GO!  Best taco in the city, especially for the cilantro/onion fans.  Open til 3am.  DELICIOUS!!!”


44.) Taco/Burrito/Etc:  Burrito

Location:  La Canasta

City:  San Francisco, CA

Testimonial:  Sex, Drugs, and La Canasta”


45.) Taco/Burrito/Etc:  Carne Asada Burrito

Location:  La Pasadita

City:  Chicago, IL

Testimonial:  what can I say?  The BEST carne asada of any taco stand.  ever.  it could be the seasonings.  it could be a shit-ton of msg.  I have no idea, but I’ve been constantly addicted.  $6.50 gets you a super burrito with ALL the fixins (they don’t skimp on guac, beans, anything).  It’s the only burrito that has defeated me every time.  too big.”



46.) Taco/Burrito/Etc:  Burrito

Location:  Baja Burrito

City:  Nashville, TN

Testimonial:  My favorite place to eat in Nashville, hands down.  The meats are all well seasoned and cooked, and the fixins are all top notch.  fantastic salsas and guac to go with them as well.”


47.) Taco/Burrito/Etc:  Carne Asada Burrito or Chile Relleno Taco

Location:  La Pasadita

City:  Chicago, IL (multiple locations)

Testimonial:  the all time best taco in chicago is of course la pasadita #1-#2 or #3- open all night they attract every ethnic group and every person in need of a true authentic taco- 2 of them are sit down – one is grab and sit in your car on the way home from a concert or club- the carne asada is made fresh  and is plentiful – served only with tomatoes-onions and cilantro-  the burritos are too large to hold in one hand and you can have beans and rice and sour cream and cheese and onions and tomatoes and guacamole and cilantro- but of course i am different about my tacos and also have  the chile rellano taco – delicious- all of the items mentioned here are of course cheap”


48.) Taco/Burrito/Etc:  Chicken Burrito

Location:  Cafe Coyote

City:  San Diego, CA




Testimonial:  “very traditional place, set in old town san diego, where there were at least 20 “authentic” mexican restaurants. we settled on this place, and the chicken burrito with a rice and bean side was anything but traditional! oozy cheese and marinated chicken, in a homemade soft tortilla. perfection!”












49.) Taco/Burrito/Etc:  Mahi Mahi Fish Tacos OR Steak Chimichanga

Location:  Maui Tacos

City:  Maui, HI (Kihei)

Testimonial:  “Wow!….even better after surfing when the salt water drains out of your nose to add more flavor to the tacos.”


50.) Taco/Burrito/Etc:  Steak Burrito

Location:  Jaimito’s

City:  Chicago, IL

Testimonial:  “One of the best burritos in the cityA great way to end the night, start the morning or just a midday snack.”

51.) Taco/Burrito/Etc.:  Fish Tacos

Location:  Mexicana Mama

City:  NYC, NY

Tesimonial:  “oh, tacos… Mexicana Mama- done.”














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